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Certified Membership - Our highest membership level.

Membership requirements:

  • Valid current massage/bodywork license from that state
  • 500 hours of massage education from an approved program
  • Maintenance Requirement: 16 hours of continuing education every two years

Essential Oils with Each Massage

Every massage includes the use of Young Living Essential Oils TM , which are Therapeutic Grade oils. "Our senses connect us to the world and allow us to respond to our environment. Essential oils fill our senses and trigger physiological and psychological responses in our bodies."

The pure essence of roots, leaves and flowers are distilled from wild or organically grown plants. This grade exhibits a powerful effect on the body and mind. Only the purest mountain water is used in the distillation process, keeping the oils free from additives. The distillation process uses low temperatures and pressures to preserve all plant properties and constituents. The process is long and slow distillation time to capture the pure essence of the plant and preserve the quality of the essential oils. This painstaking process provides authentic, pure, and therapeutic-grade essential oils.

This product is of the highest and purest quality. Many Baby Boomers all across America are turning away from the conventional treatments of western medicine and embracing alternative modalities. Massage and essential oils are complementary approaches to health and wellness.

Dorothy Elizabeth Anders, CMT - Young Living Distributor

"Fragrance is quickly gaining credibility as a powerful tool in both the medical and scientific communities."
Alan R. Hirsch, M.D., Director of the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago, IL

100-Percent Cotton Sheets

All of my sheets are 100-percent cotton, some are organic and some sheets are wrinkled but they will never have the resin of formaldehyde.

Natural Home - Nov/Dec 2003

The Problem: Polyester-cotton bed linen and "no iron" cotton bed linens are treated with a formaldehyde-based permanent-press finish to keep them wrinkle free. The formaldehyde resin becomes a permanent and irremovable part of the fiber, and it continues to release formaldehyde fumes for the life of the fabric. (Wash and wear diminishes formaldehyde levels, but residues remain as long as the fabric stays wrinkle free.) Formaldehyde exposure can cause headaches, skin rashes, respiratory problems, fatigue, and insomnia.

The Solution: Choose sheets made from cotton flannel (it doesn't wrinkle), untreated 100-percent cotton, or knit cotton jersey. Pure linen sheets are a luxury, but they feel wonderful, especially after many washings.

The bodyCushion

Use gravity for more effective treatment!

  • Optimal spinal positioning and spinal decompression
  • More control over treatment, and increased access to the body
  • A pain-management tool at home or in health care applications

Users of the bodyCushion include teaching hospitals, professional sports teams & universities: Johns Hopkins Hospital - Mayo Clinic - PGA Golf - U.S. Swim Team - Minnesota Vikings - Green Bay Packers - University of Florida - University of Texas - Brigham Young University

Wellness Consultant

Studies show that some tap water can be harmful. Distilled water is virtually dead and biologically inactive. That means that nothing can live in it. One of the most interesting water technologies is Pi-Water. This system has four important stages: ultrafiltration, remineralalization, far-infrared and magnetic field imprinting. The results is living water that can hydrate, lubricate and energize living cells. The microclusters of PiMag water allows it to pass through cell membranes more easily and thus to keep the cells properly hydrated.

I have implement a countertop water system for my clients use. Further information can be found at\828338300.

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